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Letting Go

The week before my Mother passed, I was sitting next to her in the living room. She had been on morphine so her state of mind was a little off sometimes. She had been asleep for awhile and when she had awakened, she sat up and her exact words were “Jesus told me you need to take your name off your cards.” Exact words. I sat there puzzled for a minute. We hadn’t even talked about them. My Dad happened to be near and was like no, that’s what helps people see the video of Jesus. I obviously didn’t know if it was the morphine talking or Mom had actually spoken with Jesus. I knew her time was near but I sat there puzzled. Dad quickly reassured me that my cards were fine. So, fast forward to last week. Attending church on Thursday night and met a man who ministers to men and women in jail. Now, I have always wanted to donate these cards to that type of ministry. I believe a little faith can’t hurt nobody. So, I approached this man asking if I could donate my Jesus cards but I’ll take my name/website off the card. Just Jesus and a prayer. As I was removing my website off the original design I stopped in that moment and remembered what Mom said. One of those “Ah ha!” moments in life. I felt the tears begin to flow and realized Mom was right. I didn’t know it at the time but she knew down the road it would happen. Sometimes when you pour your heart and soul into something, you want to hold on to it. Having my website on the cards wasn’t a bad thing but it was also me clinging onto my work. It’s not suppose to be about me or the art. It’s about the message. I realized it was time for me to remove myself and let it only be about Jesus. Seeing the new cards made my heart so happy. I’m excited that I ordered 500 and it’s only the beginning! I write this with tears and gratitude. To everyone who’s helped spread the love on this journey, thank you. True faith is letting go and trusting God to do the rest. ❤️

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